After much effort and thought, we bring you our new dashboard! Starting today, you will enjoy a wide range of options for your links in our new dashboard.

Your dashboard is where you can summarize and manage your links. The new dashboard offers the latest innovations in technology, where any user can get information about the links he uses and manage them efficiently.

Want to know how many people clicked on your links?

Now it's possible! In our dashboard you will know exactly how many people clicked on the links you posted, from which countries they came, and another wide range of information waiting for you on the new dashboard for real-time viewing and the ability to export the information to your personal computer.

Who can use it? Everyone!

In our dashboard everyone can find what they need, from a single user who wants to get information about his links to large companies that have various management tools at their disposal such as:
  • Second leveling users
  • Manage different campaigns for each user
  • And many more...

What's the cost? Free!

All you have to do is sign up via email and you are in!

Many of the options we offer on the dashboard are provided for free and at no additional cost!

There are also packages for extreme users, where the sky is the limit and you can enjoy a variety of options offered in our advanced packages, such as:

  • API - in which you will be able to access and control most of the dashboard features, but VIA API.
  • Third party pixels - Extensive use of pixels that will help you report to third-party systems on every click in the link.
  • Routing links by device - recognizing which device the lead came from and routing them to the correct device link.
  • One-time links - create custom links that are valid only for single entry.
  • And many other features that you can explore on our plan pricing page.

Join us now, it's free!

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