Why Opnlink

URLs are what links between customer interaction and knowledge

The more you can get out of your URL - the more you can trigger and create engagement and reach throughout every channel and devices using OpnLink.

Analytics in real time

No more long spreadsheets and long reports, with Opnlink you get all the information you need on your user dashboard. Opnlink dashboard helps you track all links on all channels with just one click, easily giving you information to help you manage your campaigns and channels.

Branded links

You want to personalize your link to the micro level? No problem! Opnlink provides you a branded short domain service with your own brand name instead of “Opnlink” giving you full control over your content and its appearance.

User Dashboard

Have all the information you need in one organized place you can adjust according to your company needs. Opnlink will provide crucial insights beyond number of clicks such as location, channel, gender, age, device and much more. Opnlink helps you track your performance by accounts for different departments so you always know how your links are doing.

Peace of Mind

Opnlink devs are working around the clock to guarantee your account uptime and securing your information so it will always be there when you need it.

Around the Clock Support

You’re not alone here, our team of technical support is always here for you if you ever need our help. So if you need anything or you have any questions - don't hesitate, contact us now.

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